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Saturday, April 22

Yard Progress

1. beginning

2. ugly cement pads, rock pile and tree gone.

3. shed moved, fence straightened

4.Garden framed and started Posted by Picasa

Every spare moment we have we've been outside prepping our yard - making it pretty :) Today Garnet was even up at 1 this afternoon (on night shift he is in bed at 8 am and usually doesn't make an appearance until supper!) We moved the shed, framed out the garden and planted grass seed. We are loving it!! All this fresh air is creeping up on Tim though -- he was a little cranky today and had a nervous breakdown because Garnet scared him on the Trampoline and we wouuldn't let him eat Froot Loops! Yes, he went to bed early ;) I think I will too.......after I do the dishes --- (another downfall of being outside every second is that the inside is being neglected.....)


vicki said...

That's alot of work...you will need lt's of plants. And the dishes always waited 'til after dark,until you were old enough to do them! Hugs for my little Bud.

Anonymous said...

since owning a home i have discovered that the inside doesn't seem to matter when it is nice out! no one wants to be in there anyways and the summer is way to short around here! hey, that's what rainy days are for, catching up! :) your yard is going to look amazing! do you like hostas? i'm going to separate my plants soon and i could give you some. keep in mind that i'm not being a nosy neighbour, just 'asking'. :) hey, did you get rid of the rest of the rocks? oh, and do you need some soil? i have some of that i can share, you would just need to have a way to get it home! seriously, let me know.

Jessi said...

ang! good timing...everyone has been telling me to get some hostas because they are for the beginner gardener and good in the shade! i would love some! and some soil would be awesome as well! -- the rocks are still here but garnet has a week off so they'll be gone this week... do you want them?