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Friday, April 14

Yard Work (and fun)

The ugly cement pads are gone!

can you handle my coolness?

Ugly vines are gone....i'm thinking sunflowers??

Trampoline is in OUR yard!

Yo, i'm workin' here!

HARD WORKER!! Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

Your back yard looks great!Can't wait to 'help'!
Tim...you are such a ham! and you look pretty buff there Buddy!
xo Gramma Vicki

Michelle said...

um, of course sunflowers! i couldn't picture you having a yard without them!

Anonymous said...

your husband is amazing, like mine of course, they just can't let anything wait, eh? your yard is looking great and i have a suggestion about your sunflowers. garnet, i am coming for the rocks!

Jessi said...

yeah, he's a good one isn't he ;)

i'm curious what your suggestion is for the sunflowers??

Anonymous said...

my neighbor got these awesome seeds and actually started them in her house and then transplanted them outside. she works with a little girl who has fetal alcohol syndrome and it was actually just a project and they turned out amazing! They were HUGE!!!! Over 12ft. for sure. I'm going to do start mine inside with Alicia and then transplant them. i'll ask her what seeds they were if you want. maybe you have a favorite kind already?