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Monday, May 16

Just living life

We have been busy the last few days but nothing really worth blogging - but I figured I should write something atleast to move the embarrassment into the past a little bit! The weather has been nasty so the tube top has been safely in my dresser, but I wish it was a little nicer. This is getting depressing! Especially with Garnet on nights - it feels like jail when we can't get outside, and have to just hang around trying to be quiet.

We were able to get out of the house this weekend. Tim (finally) has a little friend that is male. He has been very popular with the ladies but hasn't really found a little boy that he enjoys playing with until now. So I took the boys to McDonald's Playland on the weekend. It was suppposed to be the park but it was raining. They had a blast - I almost had a breakdown. I'm not used to having to look in more than one direction and I kept watching the door because I would always think one of them was taking off on me. They get so insanely hyper with eachother, it's cute and really funny to watch, but crazy when you're used to only one! But we all survived...and it was much better when I was back at his house and could relax with his Mom.

Then he had a birthday party on Sunday for a little girl in his class. That was an experience. I won't say much except that I will be more careful as to whose house he is going to in the future. I am definitely the farthest thing from an over-protective parent...but there are somethings that I would like to keep him away from. This house being one of them. Luckily another parent was staying for the party so I just decided to hang out with her and stick close by.

We decided to buy a second vehicle a few weeks ago. Our insurance went down considerably and we got a nice Income Tax return so we just bought a 94 Ford Escort. Just a little A to B car so that we don't have to drive each other back and forth and wake up early to drive Garnet to work. And since his bike doesn't work...uh...er...more like he doesn't work with his bike....get the picture? So we took a scenic trip to London last night to drop it off for some maintenance. We followed Garnet on all the backroads cause fifth gear is acting up so he didn't want to drive it faster than 80 and Tim slept the whole way. So I was driving in peace and quiet watching the sun hit the hills and thinking about life trying to stay awake - it was really nice. Kind of a change of pace for a Monday afternoon. Went out for dinner in London and enjoyed the family time in one vehicle on the way home.

Garnet is off this week so we are hoping to get the Kitchen completed - you can count on pictures soon if it actually gets finished! He also has a list of computers to do that he's been putting off - so we'll see what actually gets done around here ;)

So we're good...hope you all are too.

xo J

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