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Monday, May 2

You are.

The positive side to the poisonous people blog; the medicine.

Those friendships that are like an antidote to all the poison we run into in our lives. The ones that with just a smile or a phone call can reassure us that everything is ok. Sometimes life gets in the way -- we can go months without talking and when we reconnect we remember why we love them all over again. The true companion that you can't picture your life without...ever. They know you so well it's like they can read your mind sometimes. It's the friend that through the years even though life changes and you run through different paths and stages - they are still there. Maybe it's these people that make us wonder why we put up with the others, or maybe why there even have to be others. Coming home from my weekend at Emily's I was flooded with appreciation and love. I felt like she had physically and emotionally lifted me onto a cloud. And I thought, this is a friend.

The friends that when we are out of words - sometimes all we need to say is Thank You.....over and over again - because they are a rare find.

Thank You.

xo J

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