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Monday, June 6

The $1000 Mouse

The good news; we have a pool for the summer.
The bad news; the one we bought last year was eaten by a mouse.
The lesson learned; listen to your wife when she says "We shouldn't store it in your Dad's Basement because the mice will get to it!"

So, when we took the pool out of the box and found 2 holes in the side we were a little ticked and I was too mad to say "I told you so"...just yet. But he'll be hearing it.

Garnet rushed right out to Wal-Mart to buy another one but the last 2 pools (that size) had been sold 10 minutes before he got there. So we got a 15 foot pool instead of an 18 foot, and it's about 5 inches deeper -- but it was more money because it's a different type.

It's in the process of filling right now and we should be swimming this weekend.

And just to clear up any confusion (Garnet); Yes, mice DO eat plastic - they will eat anything!


JOE MAMA said...

Its a good thing I have a wife that knows everything.

Also, please note that although I'm not saying you said what you claimed to have said last year, I don't recall you ever saying anything even remotely close to "mice eat plastic - don't store the pool in the basement"

Jessi said...

Yes but....you're a living breathing example why we should "Say no to drugs!"

Do you remember what you had for breakfast today?

Do you remember my name?

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