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Sunday, June 19

Daddy's Day

My sister and my Dad went fishing today – they woke at 5 am (or so….;) to spend the cold morning in a canoe being eaten by mosquitoes.….I wish so badly that I was there. (After all – I am the pro, right Dad?)

My Dad is fun, he is the one that I could spend the day with in the mud digging for worms, up to my waste in a creek looking for the deep spot where the fish are, following around the farm, wrestling, laughing like crazy and just having fun. He was the one that with one look and a little bit of puppy dog eyes I knew I could get what I wanted…even if Mom said no. We’ve never needed to have a long, serious conversation to know how he feels, to feel his protection and love – it is always clear in his eyes.

We are so similar in character it’s scary sometimes; our stubbornness and temper have often gotten the better of us. We’ve slammed doors, yelled, screamed and stomped our feet to prove our point. And in the end we know that neither one of us is going to win – but at least we fought a good fight. I’m a stronger woman because I know that I don’t have to put up with behavior from anyone that treats me wrong – I’ve learned how to speak my mind. It may not always be right, but I can still speak it!

As a woman I know that we need our Daddies to feel safe and secure in the women that we are, otherwise we look for that acceptance in other people. They only have to say a few words - and sometimes no words at all - to bring out the sense of protection that we need. It’s amazing, the feeling that comes over me when my Dad tells me how proud he is of me.

I know my Dad felt the insecurity and uncertainty in life and parenthood – and like most Dads he’d try not to show it. Maybe sometimes they wish they could express their heart better. I remember seeing tears in his eyes and knowing that he wanted to say so much more than the few words that came out. But in those few words I still found what I needed.

Dads are so different than Moms. The Daddy bond is uniquely special and different than the bond with Mom. It’s hard for me to understand as a Mom - but I can see it so clearly.

I get older and I am still understanding more about him and seeing a different side to my Dad. And as we continue to find out more about each other – build on the friendship and strengthen our relationship he will always be my Daddy, and as much as my independent, stubborn character fights it ~ I’ll always be his little girl.

Enid Bagnold says; A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy…hope you saved some fish for me to catch in August!!


Anonymous said...

jessi i love u and very proud of u and garnet thx 4 daddys day and the good tears remembering..........xox

Jessi said...

love you dad