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Thursday, June 23


So apparently, I've over-estimated how wonderful being NOT shy is for Tim.

He had a little incident at school this week that proved having some inhibitions might be a good thing....

While out for recess - he had to go pee. Being unable to find a teacher and having a little 'friend' tell him to 'just go here'....he did. Just went there. In the middle of the playground in front of the school population. Yup. My son.

My wonderfully not-shy-child - completely unaware of the implications of his actions was dumbfounded as he was brought to the principal's office. His teacher came to get him from the office and asked him to come with her - to which he replied; "What for? To have a little chat?"

She brought him back to the classroom and after the 'little chat' explained to the whole class what had happened. She was using the scene to instill how important it was for them to find a teacher while out for recess if they needed anything.

She talked to me about the incident today and explained that she didn't carry out any disciplinary action. She felt that none were in order because she knows he is a good kid and knew that it was in no way an act of defiance or bad behaviour -- he just simply 'had to go'.

I thanked her - through my red cheeks - for dealing with the 'incident' so well and telling me about it. In the car on the way home I talked to Tim about it and told him why we couldn't just go to the bathroom in front of people, why it was fine out in the country (at Papa's) because no one could see him out there -- but it's not something to do at school. That's why we have toilets.

I then asked him how he felt while he was in the principal's office and while his teacher was talking to him....

"Were you embarrassed?" I asked

He replied in true 4 year old feelings;

"Nope. But I really felt a lot better - cause I just went pee! Ahhhhh!!"


Michelle said...

well, sounds like tim tried to find a teacher b4 he went pee.. where were the teachers hiding? did he just do it in the middle of the playground, or on a bush or something?

this is funny to me, cause i'm trying to teach kaeden that it's *okay* to pee outside LOL like when we are at the park and we can't just run home to use the toilet, a little bush away from the play area is okay, but he won't buy it!

Jessi said...

michelle, that's interesting that you mentioned about the teachers hiding -- school yard supervision is a big issue at schools right now that a lot of parents are having a hard time with....it was addressed.

although you do have to know how hard kids 'look' for things -- like when they say "I looked everywhere!", but it's right under their noses the whole time....so it was a lot of factors all tied in. hopefully - it wil be the last time we have to deal with it.

we had to teach tim too that it was ok when he was potty training -- now we are wishing we just made the guide lines a little clearer!