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Tuesday, June 7

Pool's Open!

It was 91F (33C) degrees here today -- so even though the pool was only up to 72F (22C) we decided to give it a shot!! A little shocking at first but after our bodies got used to it -- it felt amazing!!

Yeah, we still think he's cute....even looking like this we'd take him home!

Look at that smile!! You can almost hear the giggle!

I'm a cool dude, with my mom...


Michelle said...

oh! nice! you can move it right into our backyard ;)

Jessi said...

c'mon over anytime, michelle!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cuties!! :)...looks like you guys had fun! and I am glad to see the garden is growing well!!! :)... Aren't you loving the weather!!??
Love you guys!
xoxo Hilsy
p.s. Tim! call me sometime and tell me about your soccer game! I miss you!!