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Wednesday, June 15

VP and Shifter

It's amazing how much faster the days go once the weather gets nice! I've been busy and haven't had much time to write.
Housework has been neglected as well because we've been spending the majority of our time at the pool and trampoline...it's feels like I'm re-living my childhood or something! So today -- even though I should be cleaning the house a little -- I'll write to let you all know what we've been up to!

In November when we moved in here Garnet said; (in the midst of complaining how our Condo's were run) "Give me 6 months and I'll be Condo Corp President and then I can do it right!" Well, last Monday at the Condo meeting they voted Garnet in as Vice President...so he's almost there! So our fence will be getting done (yes, again) -- this time they will do it the right way with a different design to allow for more pivacy and better curb appeal. He's pretty pleased with himself.

I have also been told that I will be learning how to drive a standard. Apparently, I have no choice now that our second vehicle is stick. Garnet purposely made an appointment for the Neon to be in the shop getting painted yesterday while he was on the class trip. He figured I'd have no choice but to drive the Escort.

I outsmarted him by biking to work.

Garnet has tried to teach me once before and my Dad also tried a few years back. From what I recall - both incidences ended in a screaming match and 1 even ended with me walking home. It's not that I can't drive a standard - or even that I don't want to...I think I have just been choosing some bad teachers for my personality type. The mixture of our bad tempers, my stubbornness and the inbedded gene in me that makes it difficult for me to think about more than one thing at a time.

But I will have you all know that I drove home from dropping Tim off at school today!!! (I didn't want Tim in the vehicle while I drove in case of a potty mouth incident or the inevitable screaming match that Garnet and I so love to have) I did very well - not a single stall, bunny hop or backwards roll incident!! We were both very nice to eachother also...we didn't raise our voices once! So, with a little more practice I'll get there.
And plus, Garnet says it's hot for a girl to drive stick -- so I mean, c'mon why wouldn't I want to learn? It's all about the hotness, right?

Working out has been going well. I'm sticking to it and making it a priority. The skinny jeans fit again...as long as I don't move, bend over, or breathe ;) but they are on and done up! And I bought my first 2 piece bathing suit - so that has helped with the initiative aspect!!

So I guess the procrastinantion has gone on long enough...onto the housework!

xo J

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