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Thursday, July 28

Lots O' Pictures!

We've had a busy few days -- so think of this as a photo blog for now. ;)

** and there's lots more pics and videos on the Web Album

Garnet and I both had the day off for Tim's Birthday -- we went out for breakfast after a great wrestling match on the bed for about an hour! And then we decided to head to Storybook Gardens in London for the day. We ended the day out at Papa's for a chilly swim (and cake and presents too!!)

Today after I worked we went out for lunch and then to Bluewater fun Park. (no pictures of that though -- didn't want the camera getting wet, and no need to see me in my bathing suit - it's just not necessary, alright?!!)

I'm tired and still have about 5 loads of laundry to fold so - wish me luck -- I'll be up til midnight folding.

But all the fun I've had with my big five year old is worth putting off the housework anytime!!


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