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Sunday, July 24

Party Animals

Tim had a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa! They came to get him Saturday morning - we had breakfast with them and said goodbye. He was so eager to go he barely got out "bye mom and dad..." before "ok, let's go"

On Saturday Grandma Anne took Tim to the Circus! It was his first time and he absolutely loved it!! He said his favorite parts were the elephants doing tricks and the 7 motorcycles all going around in circles in the cage .

Garnet and I had a nice day to ourselves. We did some running around and errands, I got a nice workout in and some shopping and then we went to a party at a friend's house. It was a nice time.

After waking up to a quiet house and a beautiful little sleep in (twice in a week is a BIG deal for parents!) we got ready and went to meet Tim in London and have his Birthday Party there. I can't believe our little guy is going to be 5 on Wednesday!! It seems like yesterday he was my little baby! Garnet was in charge of most of the picture taking so there's a lot of back shots, heads cut off, looking away and crazy faces (he brings out the best in all of us!) - but you get the idea that it was a fun time! (And that Tim is a spoiled little monkey!!)

Since he lost a lot of his toys in the flood it was easy to pick out presents this year! Grandma and Grandpa replaced his huge helicopter with one that has 2 propellers!! (simply heaven for a fan addict like Tim), Uncle Matti spoiled him with a huge remote control truck! Aunt Jenni gave him a beautiful scrap book - we can always count on her to be sentimental!! Some of the pictures in it were from his first birthday -- time goes by so fast.

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