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Friday, July 1

Party it up, clown...it's summer time!!

Last night was a 30th Birthday Party for our friend Krista. We know Krista and her husband, Steve and the couple that was throwing the party for her but not really anyone else going. Garnet had to work midnights so I stepped out of my comfort zone and went. Tim was in heaven cause there was one other little boy and a bunch of girls! I was planning to stay for a little while and head out early if things got a little crazy. We ended up staying until 2 am! Tim has never stayed up that late in his life!! He had a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon and was more awake than I was at that hour - running around with a few of the other children that had enough energy to last that late! There was a campfire and dogs and marshmallows and chips -- he was in his glory!

Tonight we are going with some friends to the fireworks for Canada Day. So yeah - we had a little nap today again to prepare for another late night!!

It was last year's Canada Day that we were on the Boat watching fireworks with Baby Julia and her family! She was a typical, happy healthy 6 month old baby - it was a month later that she was dignosed with Leukemia. It's incredible how far she has come in the year -- and the journey she's been through! We'll be thinking of her tonight!

Tim graduated Junior Kindergarten on Wednesday!! Wow...how time flies. It seemed like yesterday that he was a little baby in my arms - and now he's my little man. His report card was AMAZING and his teacher was very proud of his accomplishments this year....and of course so are we!! He's ecstatic about finally being a Senior Kindergartner next year!

Between the beach, the pool and trampoline, pool parties, playdates with friends and all the other great things about summer -- I'll try to keep updating. It might just be pictures for a while unless something crazy happens (which we can usually count on in this family.)

xo J

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Michelle said...

Congrats on graduation!!! Sounds like an awesome party!