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Friday, August 19

All by myself...

So my boys left last night. Garnet wanted to get home early to deal with all the insurance junk and Tim has his soccer last game/ceremony on Saturday. I miss them - but am enjoying the time to myself...ie sleeping until noon today!! :)

I went out last night to see my old friend Kim. She had just bought a beautiful new house with her boyfriend Dan and they were so excited to get a visitor! On the (long) drive out I was appreciating living in the city -- even though it was a beautiful drive. And I was shaking my head at Kim saying "Didn't you learn anything growing up in the boonies!?!?!" But it is a gorgeous spot with a cute little bridge crossing the pond, cedar fence, a big coral in the back and a beautiful open concept house. I am so happy for them! And it was so nice to catch up with her!! There are some friends that are just meant to last through the years.

I have a big dinner tonight with family and Nick and Lana's wedding is tomorrow. I wanted Tim to experience a wedding - I know that there are a lot of girls that were excited to dance with him at the reception :) And oddly enough Garnet has never been to a wedding before (well, except ours but that doesn't count because there were only 7 people there -- and that's including the 3 of us and the Justice of the Peace.) But we'll have to wait for the next wedding that we're invited to.

With Garnet gone that means that our computer is back in Sarnia as well as our card reader -- which means that pictures won't be posted until after I am back...:( But you can use you imagination.

And by the way it IS feezing up here....I don't care what anyone says. I think I've already lost sensation in my fingers and toes. Garnet was driving last night and had to turn on the AC in Toronto because it was 25 (at midnight) --- it was 15 here and I slept in full clothing and socks.

But we are getting a lot more than we expected from insurance so this poopy basement is looking like a blessing in disguise!! Our house will be back to normal in no time :)

signing off, missing my boys and my card reader (yes in that order :),

xo J

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