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Tuesday, August 9

just our luck...

Like the flood wasn't bad enough for us this summer -- Garnet just got into a car accident this morning....the day we were supposed to be heading up north for our vacation!

He's ok - the car is not.

Plans may be a little different now....I'll update when I know what the hell is going on.

****Update at 4pm; It's all good. After a very frustrating day - things seem to be finally coming together. I'm so thankful that Josh is here and has been Tim's entertainment for the day! The car is not a writeoff and will be able to be fixed (Garnet is just going to be even that much more attentive {in true OCD character} to all the little noises it makes from here on in.

It looks like we'll have a rental car for our trip up north and for the rest of the month. Our insurance company will be loving us when they have to fork over all the money for our basement and now our car!!

So we'll be in the Bay in few hours....now I guess I should get packing ;)

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