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Thursday, August 4

Marital Dilemma

Ok, so I have a question about a debate that Garnet and I have been having since we have been married. We are coming up on our 5th year wedding anniversary and we still get into heated debate over this topic quite regularly.
I want to know if this is a regular argument in other houses -- or are we just psycho and need to come to an agreement?

When is the proper time to empty the pockets of your pants??

I know - weird question. But here's the thing; I am primarily in charge of the laundry in our house. Garnet is a huge help with the housework and I have no complaints - but when it comes to the laundry we both agree that it's my domain. However, being the scatterbrained (hello, ummm....met my mom?) daydreaming, on-cloud-nine kind of person that I am I have washed my fair share of important documents, money, credit cards, licenses...basically anything that you'd ever put in your pocket - yeah, I've probably washed it.

But here's the other side of that -I've rarely washed any of my stuff because I empty my pockets while I am getting undressed. Doesn't that make sense to you? Because then the dirty clothes can be put into the hamper all ready for the machine. I've asked Garnet to start doing this - thus eliminating the 'washing the unwashables' problem that we have. He also has 6 pockets in each of his uniform pants -- and makes it a priority to use the most obscure ones. So even if I did empty the front ones (most commonly used) he's put everything in the side of the leg, secret hidden pocket....and they come out a soggy, once resembled a piece of paper, clump of grossness.

But he refuses to do it my way and figures that the pockets should be emptied as they are being put into the washer. So, as it stands right now I'm having a bit of a temper tantrum and have just informed Garnet that I will no longer be doing his laundry. I'm eager to learn what other people think is a reasonable time to empty your pockets....you might help save our marriage ;)

xo J


Michelle said...

oh garnet, you need to learn to empty your own pockets! if jessi does laundry anything like me, she just dumps it in and runs to chase tim! no time for searching thru your secret pockets my dear. if it's important, remove it!

Jessi said...

thanks michelle - chalk one up on my side...hehehe

kelly said...

i have to agree with michelle too. i always empty my pockets when i take them off (or else i can never remember which pants i left my chapstick, etc. in!). thankfully my husband has always done the same, so we've never fought about it - but sorry to garnet, i agree with jessi!

Anonymous said...

Is it fair for the scatter brained daydreaming mom-mother-in-law to comment?Too bad ...I will anyway.Since you are washing your own laundry now Garnet you will soon realise how simple it will be to do it the way Jessi is 'suggesting' :)have fun!See you soon!

Jessi said...

i believe that be 3 for jessi and a big zippo for garnet....keep it coming - i love to win ;)

Anonymous said...

For all you people out there who do laundry - it is only common sense to check the pockets as your sorting laundry and putting it into the washer.

And for the record; I was working midnights this last time round my wife washed important work documents. So what happened was, I got home in the morning at 9:30am, after being awake for 27.5 hours. I literally walked in the door and went to sleep. My pants were washed before I even got a chance to wake up and take the stuff out!

Jessi said...

boy, honey -- you almost make me sound like a good little wife in that last comment....sounds like i'm right on top of the laundry or something ;)

jenni said...

Well, coming from an appliance guys daughter, you empty your pockets before the hamper... been there many times before, and believe me Garnet, it's just easier this way.. plus I don't think the big guy wants to come to Sarnia to help fix the washer from something that should have been removed prior to the hamper... love you guys