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Wednesday, August 10

We made it!

Tim and Dakota

Bobbi, Jess, Tim and Dakota

The New Family :)

Pakistani girls...or 'What the Forsyth girls do for fun'

Dress up Bollywood style!

Muscle Man!! Posted by Picasa

We are here...in the big city of North Bay.

Today was a great first day, despite extreme exhaustion from our crazy day yesterday and a sleepless trip last night. An awesome visit with Bobbi, Rich and Baby Dakota this afternoon and hearing all the great stories from Hillary's trip -- and we even did a little modeling of the clothes for you!! ;)

Because of all the insurance mess that we are dealing with (both for the car and the house) and all the info is on our computer --we decided to bring our computer up with us. Which means good news for Jess (aka comera obsessed freak) I don't have to save room for pictures -- I can just upload them whenever I fill the card (which is pretty often for me ;) and share our trip and the drama as it unfolds!!

xo J

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