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Saturday, August 20

The Wedding!

Congratulations Nick and Lanna!!

First Dance

Nick and Sue (his mommy)

Nick and Grandma

Me and my big cousin Nick

All the girls (back - Angela, Erin, Michelle front - Bobbi, Jess, Hillary)

Me and Bobbi being the crazy girls that we are :)

Best cousins and friends through all the years :)

Hillary and Michelle ripping up the dance floor:)

Daddy and his girls

Me and Mom

Hillary, Josh (yes he always looks like that), Mom

Jess and Josh (I'll teach you to cross your eyes!! YOU - ON THE ROOF!)
attn: there was no harming or injuring little brothers of any kind in this photo.

SURPRISE! Small world!! Posted by Picasa

My old friend Christine (from Kindergarten!!) turned out to be related to the Bride's side of the family -- we were supposed to get together the week that I was up and I was feeling really guilty about not setting up a time! What a surprise to see her at the wedding!


the salmon said...

hey jess, great pics.

i cant quite remember: are nick, bobbi & michelle all siblings? i remember all of them, but not if their related.

your grandma looks really good too :)

and is that christine vaillancourt?

Jessi said...

thanks amanda,
yes, they are all siblings - our cousins that were all around the same age as us.
yes thats the same christine (changed her name when we weree younger though) - you probably knew her sister shannon, right?