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Monday, September 12


you know what that means?

my counter says as of right now there have been 6179 visitors to my blog. ...and I know those are not all my mom.

comments are nice, people.

(obviously all those that have commented at sometime are exempt from this finger pointing post!...michelle, amanda, kelly...etc.)


Anonymous said...

ok!!...way to make me feel quilty!!! ;) kidding, you know when I get the chance I will try to comment...your blogs always make me laugh or cry so thats always a good reason to comment! Anyway hon, thanks again for the good wknd! I love you guys!!! xoxoxox :)

Michelle said...

hey, don't blame it on me, i'm a good commenter :P

kelly said...

Phew! i was starting to feel guilty until I finished reading that post! :)

Jessi said...

yes, you girls are the safe ones....but where are all those others that can say that they read my blog -- but never comment. i believe you called them 'hangers' kelly? that's who i'm talking to....

RB said...

hey Jess
thanx for commenting on my blog. sorry for not commenting more often on yours

Love the pics :)