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Sunday, September 4

You know me!

Hmmm...that's a lot of coffee.

Just enough for Jess :) Posted by Picasa

There are certain people in our lives that are pretty special. Some of those people in my life never cease to amaze me by their kindness and thoughtfulness. You may be wondering; 'What does this have to do with the Honkin' Huge coffee cup, Jess?'

Well, some of those people in my life are Nathan and the Kinsey clan. Not many people would remember that I have an overwhelming, mind boggling addiction to coffee...as well as a collection of unique and weird coffee mugs. They however, do remember.

Perhaps this is because they were some of the few to see the "Before-Coffee-Jessica-Monster" in the morning. Nathan, being the best friend that he was, would try everything imaginable to make sure that I was able to get coffee into my system as soon after waking up as possible...but sometimes still, the monster would unveil herself. Perhaps it was because they were a mainly Tea drinking family and couldn't understand the control that coffee had on my system. Perhaps they figured that my collection of mugs was to ensure I always had one to fill in case of an un-coffee emergency. Perhaps this is why it was Nathan that figured the "mr. grumps" coffee mug on one of our trips to Value Village suited me just fine. And it was Nathan that figured a coffee IV postcard from IKEA reminded him of me..... Perhaps I scarred them more than I thought when the coffee monster was unleashed!!

Or perhaps they are just extremely thoughtful and giving people and think of me often. Thank you Dave and Joyce for the great mug!! It will suit my collection just great -- and it's just about the amount of coffee I need to make me a morning person ;)

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Dave Kinsey said...

Hey, Jess! I finally got to your blog again. Glad you like the coffee cup. (I can just see your eyes over the rim.) You are probably thought about by the Kinsey klan more often than you think. (Perhaps because we love you.) Every once in a while I read something that makes me think of you. In fact, I have an old article that I unearthed while doing some cleaning in my office that I will send to you. Promise! The problem is that I'd like to write you a nice long letter, too, and that doesn't happen very often. Anyway, back to work. Oh, btw, we're going out to Vancouver for Thanksgiving again. Gotta see our newest grandson. Love ya, Dave