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Friday, October 28

Basement Reno's

After seeing Garnet rip a wall down 3 times in search of perfection and no progress being made in 2 months our friend Wayne has decided to come over and help light a fire under Garnet's butt. This whole week they've been working on making the basement look more like a home and less like a warehouse.

Basement Walls --- 4th times a charm ;)

Looking more and more like a room

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Anonymous said...

Wow! looks great! :)

Jessi said...

helloooo.....hillary? you're alive?? wow.....

Anonymous said...

wow about the room , and ditto about Hillary!!

Anonymous said...

ok...I know its been a while...but the phone works both ways ladies!...this week and I am sure all the ones to follow are going to be crazy...but please save me with a phone call every once in a while...please, PLEASE! How about we have a saturday phone date this week! ;)
Love you and miss you!!!