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Monday, October 31


Tim wanted to be Spidey again this year -- and he still fit into his costume from last year...so we went with it :) We went out tonight with his best buddy Christian and his little brother....and got lots of candy!! Garnet had to work nights so afterwards we went over to see him and dropped off candy for him to snack on all night!

Spiderman.....(again) with his Pumpkin we carved (and decorated!!) at the party on Saturday

Christian (Hulk) and Tim (Spiderman)

The big boys taking Justin Trick or Treating :)


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Anonymous said...

hey spidy! You're quite handsome! ;) I miss you buddy! Call me and tell me all about your fun night k!?
Love aunt Hill

kelly said...

i've always wondered what halloween is like with the kids/candy mix....off the walls..... :)

Jessi said...

yeah...off the walls doesn't even begin to describe it, kelly...... :)

Michelle said...

super cute!

Anonymous said...

Jess, the kids look so cute! Ethan had the same Winnie the Pooh outfit as your little friend. Alicia was a princess and a fine one at that if I do say so myself!