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Friday, October 14

Lesson Learned (aka: "my son the drama queen")

I let him chop the apples.

I gave him a sharp knife, and let him chop the apples.

It was a bagel knife, rounded tip, but it was still sharp -- and he thought that was the best thing ever. We made the Apple Crisp, washed the dishes and cleaned up - put the knife away. Waiting for the timer, smelling the magnificent, sweet, apple-cinnamon aroma.

Daddy woke up. The three of us cuddled on the couch and treasured our few minutes together before night shift started.

Two on the couch now - rustling in the kitchen.

me: "What are you doing, Tim?"

no response.

me (firmly): "Timothy, come out here please and tell me what you are doing."

A guilt filled face emerged around the corner.

tim: "I was biting this piece of paper, mmm I like biting paper."

Hmmm, ok nutcase.

Garnet and I start back into our conversation - trying to ignore the fact that our child is getting way too much enjoyment out of biting a hole in a piece of paper.

Terrifying scream. Blood on the finger.

tim (in between sobs): "MOM, I LIED. I'M SO SORRY I LIED."

me and garnet (jumping from the couch):"WHAT WERE YOU DOING!?"

Oh I get it....jabbing a hole in the paper - not biting a hole in the paper. Yeah, that makes perfect sense....

tim (drama queen...and still sobbing): "Oh, Please don't hurt my heart, don't be mad. I love you with my whole heart and I'm so sorry. Ooooooh my heart hurts. I won't touch knives again. My whole heart loves you soooo much. Ooooh, I wish I didn't do that."

Cleaned up blood.
Finger still on hand.
Band-aid on wound
......parents holding in laughter;

I think you learned your lesson Tim, I think your finger and your heart will be just fine.

Now, let's have some apple cri.....oh.


Anonymous said...

My poor little Tim....
he's so precious,so comical,yeah ..ok...dramatic.
Kiss his sore finger for me...(can't stop laughing!!!)
Gramma Vicki xoxoxox

the salmon said...
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the salmon said...

thats so funny! or tragic... :(

i have a saying i like to use when guys are especially dramatic: drama qwing. so then i'm not quite calling them a queen, but not exactly calling them a king either. i know a few drama qwings.

Michelle said...

yup, i think he learned his lesson the hard way! funny, i was thinking the same thing.. biting paper.. what a nutcase LOL. don't think he'll try that one again any time soon.

Penny Cockerline said...

O Jess I was just aking a peek @ your older posts & this one made me bust out laughing......I love his little rant he gave after the the accident....LOL