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Saturday, November 12


Big tools for a little Man!!

Workin' Hard Posted by Picasa

Tim's new Home Depot Toolbox came in handy today when Garnet and I were busy in the Basement. He nailed every imaginable scrap into the big sheet of MDF.....carpet samples, drywall scraps, shiny duct cardboard.....he was in heaven!!

Then, when it was time for us to do some painting - he helped with our primer and then took his own paint and painted his board.

We didn't hear from our poor 'neglected' kid for about 3 hours.


Anonymous said...

precious!and still in his jammies!
xoxoxoxofor my little bumbewa!

Jessi said...

he was in his jammies until about 4 this afternoon!! my poor kid ;)

Anonymous said...

Tim, you look so cute, Alicia loves to do that too. Everytime we have a project going on she's right there, doing her thing, making something! Keep up the good work! Hey, at least he was out of the way. :)