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Friday, November 25

The Little Things

I was reminded today what a great husband I have. I fell in love for a reason, I married him for a reason and I'm still here for a reason. But sometimes in the monotony of our every day lives the spark dwindles, we get sick of each other and those reasons start to dim. Every married couple knows how the stress of everyday life can be hard on the passion.

It's always the little things that bring it back.

No special day, no dozen roses...just him. I dropped his lunch off just after I dropped Tim off at school. He winked when I handed him his bag and asked if I was going to stay or if I had a 'strict schedule' for the afternoon. I watched him walk with me up to the lunchroom, joking with the janitors, and co-workers on his way up. Calling everyone by name and usually acompanying the hello with a questions about their lives. I sometimes forget what a likeable person he is and what a funny person he is. He somehow is able to get along with anyone he meets, and can usually be joking with them in minutes. We had a pleasant visit together without the usual 5 year old interruptions. Laughed together without thinking of the stress of money, or of the basement being done, or the state of messiness that the house is in. We flirted subtly and winked about inside jokes.

It wasn't a romantic date, it wasn't even alone time....but it was nice to be reminded again about the little things I love to share with my man.

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