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Tuesday, November 22

Success in the Jeans department ;)

Being cursed with the JLo butt, the 'pear shape', the 'spoon figure' whatever you want to call it -- it's hard to find a pair of jeans that fit. Being that I'm short, makes it all that much more difficult. My last decision was that I would not buy another pair of jeans until I could find a pair that fit perfectly. I love low rise - but I'm tired of bending over and showing the world what kind of underwear I've chosen that day, I'm tired of cinching the waste with a belt just so that I could buy a size that fit in all the other areas.

Well - I'm here to say I have succeeded!!! I found the best pair of jeans -- I modeled them 4 times for myself today and another 2 times for Garnet. And the best part is that I got an awesome deal!!

I'm struttin' my stuff all over my house today......I'm so tempted to take a picture of my butt right now!!
I know......I'm such a geek -- but a hot geek in my new jeans - so it's all good :)


kelly said...

COOL! you shoulda bought multiple pairs, so you'd have lots of perfect fitting jeans :)

Jessi said...

funny you should mention that....that's what my husband said too. (yeah, they must look really good if he's actually encouraging me to spend money on clothes ;)

i just feel that this close to Christmas i couldn't justify spending that much on myself....

the salmon said...

c'mon...do it! you know you want to.