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Thursday, December 22


(Gramma Vicki looks like she was into the eggnog....) Posted by Picasa

Hillary surprised us (sort of) with getting our portraits done while we were all together a few weeks ago. When we got them back yesterday we were disappointed to see that 2 poses had eyes closed. This is one (my mom) and the other was me in a shot with Garnet and Tim. Wal-Mart is holding mine hostage but she gave me a coupon to get them done again. And for the big group shot they are reprinting the 'back up' pose.

When I called PCA International to explain they told me that there are actually 2 camera's which take the shot. The Digital is the one that we see on the monitor and decide whether we want it and another one with film which they send away for prints. She said in that second and a half difference there could be eyes closed etc. that they can't catch until they are printed.

I think this is a load of crap -- with all the technology in digital cameras I don't understand why they would chance ruining someone's pictures. My sister is understandably upset and so am I --- I told the lady that Wal-Mart Portrait Studio has just ruined some people's Christmas gifts and lost us as customers.

They are sending a Gift Certificate for another package -- but that won't do much good for this package which Hillary intended to be for gifts!

The rest of the shots turned out nicely -- we don't have a scanner anymore so excuse the quality of the "picture of a picture". Aren't we cute?


Anonymous said...

Your 'eggnog' comment will remind your Quinn aunts and uncles about my dad's eggnog...and the effort he put in to that Christmas tradition!!some loved it, some didn't...

Anonymous said...

Dad's eggnog - nothing else like it!! Especially the whipped cream on top.

Merry Christmas Jess, Garnet and Tim
Love from
Aunt Faunie, Rick, Vanessa and Matthew