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Sunday, December 11

Forsyth Visit

.....for an Early Christmas!

Lump of coal - for the naughty teenager

Tim can fit inside!


Hand out gifts...funny face

Jake figuring out Tim's air hockey game

Gramma Vicki enjoying Tim

Wrestling again!!

Jessi and Daddy Posted by Picasa

We had a nice, short visit this weekend - Big Christmas meal, Dad helped me with the Turkey and stuffing (at about 6:30 am!), and lots of laughs (guaranteed with Tim around!)
We even went for Family portraits on Saturday as a Christmas present from Hillary :)...we all actually got along long enough to sit and smile for the "photo-graph-er person", right Hill?

I even finally updated the Album with lots more pictures and a few crazy videos....


Michelle said...

okay, i nearly spit my water out at timothy saying "i've wanted this my *whole* life!" LOL. what a kid!

Jessi said...

haha he is a crazy one -- the best part is that the video of him saying that was the tame/coaxed version (we didn't have any cameras on to catch the original arms-in-the-air, oh-my-goodness-it's-a-remote-control-truck-i'm-going-to-faint version)