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Monday, December 12

Great for the diet, not so much for the business ....

We had a little bit of running around to do today after school and figured we'd go out for dinner as well. Sarnia's limited restaurant selection (and Garnet's picky eating) means that we frequent the few 'well knowns' quite often. Having been to Montana's before and it being a great experience (and because of it's convenient location right next to the mall...) we collectively decided it be our place to chow.

The evening started out by us ordering the usual. Garnet officially decided to end his hamburger strike, though clearly stating that McDonald's Burgers are still out of the question. Tim ordered the kids burger and I ordered the Chicken Parmesan which came with Fettucine Alfredo on the side. (diet?...who?)

We sat sipping our drinks waiting patiently for the Garlic Bread Appetizer. When our meals came a while later Garnet jokingly said "Oh, so the Appetizers come after our meals now?"
The startled waitress said she'd bring the bread right out. We laughed and said "Thanks, but we don't want it now." Our waitress came to apologize.

I started into my chicken which was really good and went for a bite of my alfredo. I nearly spit it out. It tasted like mush. The noodles were so over cooked they barely stayed in the noodle formation, and the sauce was so non-existant I wondered if they had even put any on. Our waitress was conveniently there again and Garnet said "Actually, we have a bit of a problem with this..." And explained my complaint.
She quickly took my plate and within seconds the manager came out to apologize. He asked if there was something else I would like- free of charge. Seeing that Garnet and Tim were already more than half done their meal, I just asked for a salad. (which I should have ordered first right?....yeah, yeah)

In all the commotion we barely noticed Tim demolishing his burger -- until we looked closely and saw the pink inside. Garnet grabbed it from him and inspected the raw interior...while Tim fought back and said "It's fine, it's the best burger I ever had!" We told him to eat his salad and explained that the burger wasn't good because the bugs grow when the meat isn't cooked well. He wasn't happy, but enjoyed the rest of his salad while we waited for the waitress again.

Garnet only had to hold up the burger and the horrified look on her face said it all.
"That's the second one like that tonight!"

(wow, that really makes us want to eat here again!)..."Actually , we'd just like our bill, if that's alright."

She returned to explain that there would be no charge for our meal tonight....hmmm ya, think?


Anonymous said...

Your life is very entertaining :) ...hope Tim is ok!

Anonymous said...

We have never had a good experience there either! Dan won't eat there anymore!

Jessi said...

Ang, since it happened we've talked to a ton of people that had a horrible experience there!! i wish we'd known earlier!! ;)