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Monday, December 19

Great Weekend

Garnet and I joined our friends Sandra and Wayne in a kid-free weekend in London. We went Christmas shopping and out for a great dinner and a little bowling and then had a good night's sleep in a hotel. It was a fun weekend away and hopefully a tradition for years to come!!

Tim enjoyed his Aunt Jenni and her kitty! She took him swimming at a birthday party and out to see the lights. She wore him out so much that he was begging to go to sleep Saturday night!! Grandma Anne and Grandpa Gary enjoyed him on Sunday and Uncle Matt spoiled him as usual with a Batmobile and Motorcycle (and it's not even Christmas yet!!).

We are busy wrapping and once again have realized that Santa went a little overboard on our little monkey....we'll have to have a talk with that jolly old man about how jolly our bank account gets!!! ;)

Ah well, they're only young once and it won't be many years until the childhood joy is gone and we'll be wishing for our little munchkin who ripped open the presents and squealed "It's what I've wanted my whole life!!" (at every gift!)

6 more sleeps :)

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Anonymous said...

i understand about the jolly old man and the bank account,we are in the same sleigh! but i also agree to cherish the moments,they're only young once! i'll take the memories over the money anyday! (did i just say that?) merry christmas Little family!