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Saturday, December 3


what a nice day!
Tim went to a Birthday party today in London -- so he was gone from 10 this morning until 4 this afternoon...Garnet has been on nights so he was sleeping all day. I went for a work out this morning, had a nice long bath, cleaned my house with my cheesy Christmas music on...I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed!!
And the best part is...after the Santa Parade tonight Tim's going for a sleepover and Garnet is working!! So I have the whole night to myself too!!

This is Heavenly...:)


Hilsy said...

lol...i suppose every once in a while you need that eh!?...enjoy it babe! ;)
love ya!

Jessi said...

you just wait hill....alone time is few and far between when you're married and have a kid!!
(shhh....don't tell, but i actually miss them a little ;)