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Thursday, January 5

And so it begins...

I went to the college today -- as I am preparing to become a nurse in the near future.

Originally, I was told that I would need to take a whole year of Pre-Health Science because it's been more than 5 years since I graduated Highschool. (I know, I couldn't believe it either--- 5 years???....my sister even tried to argue with me...)
When I reviewed the course list for Pre-Health I realized that I already had a lot of the courses (because of my pre-'surprise pregnancy' year) and most of the ones I need are available online. I decided to go in and speak with a counsellor and figure out what I could do that would still allow me to be a mom and possibly work at a better job than the one I am currently enduring my last few months.

The counsellor was so helpful and it turns out all I need to do is take senior level Biology, Chemistry and Math again (that are offered for free at the College!) - and then I can apply right to the Practical Nursing program.

What does that mean exactly? That means that we can look for a better house because I can definitely work next year and take the courses while Tim is in Grade 1! And - that means only 2 years of full-time college, instead of 3 which I originally planned! YAY!! I am so excited right now to get this ball rolling....I've always said "I'm going back to college once Tim is in school full-time" I just never thought it would be here so soon!!


Hilsy said...

YEAH!!! i am sooo excited for you hon! we'll talk tomorrow k!? (that is friday!...ps. i am home, safe and had a fantastic week!!! cannot wait to tell you about it!!).... ahhh and how fun is it that we will be in school at the same time again!! eh eh ehh he! ;)
Love you!!!!

Jessi said...

yes....you can cry on my shoulder again anytime honey ;)
(hopefully in school again, at the same time, in the same house, yes? yes!)
can't wait to hear all about your trip babe! i'm home tonight......love you

Michelle said...

wow jess, i always knew you planned to go back to school, but i didn't know that you wanted to become a nurse! i'm so happy for you that it seems that it will work out perfectly.. and free courses?!!?! how lucky is that!

the salmon said...

sounds great jessi! congratulations

Shanna said...

You are as amazing as always! Such a big step! Congratulations. You will make a great nurse

Jessi said...

thanks for the encouragement ladies :)

Anonymous said...

wow, always knew you would do it! Is it RPN or RN? Just wondering, maybe Dan could help out? He's an excellent teacher, has students under him all the time at work. Also he has a ton of books and notes that might be of help? And he is currently working on his degree. Let us know.