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Monday, January 23



hey baby, wanna come for a ride?

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Some very bad news turned into some nostalgic moments this past weekend. Garnet (while reformatting the computer) ended up erasing some pictures. It was completely not his fault - he's reformatted the computer hundreds of times before and never had a problem. But this time something went wrong and Windows didn't recognize the partitions in the hard drive (or something like that) and so all my hard drive was wiped and his too. Almost 1000 songs were lost and a bunch of important information...and like I said, some pictures.

So we did some more organizing, salvaged some pictures from the album and blog. Then went through all our old picture CD's and put them all on DVD's and in a nice little album.

I got my first Digital Camera before my trip out West in September 2003. I wish I had gotten one earlier now when I look back and see how much he has changed in the last 2 1/2 years. I put a couple cute videos up on Imageevent.


Hilsy said...

oh the memories! what a cutie!!!
miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

This might be a dumb question...did you have any pix on CD"s? You didn't lose everything, did you?...this sounds heartbreaking. :(
Mom xo

Jessi said...

no it's not that bad, mom...we only lost the last 2 months of pictures -- everything else was on cd's.

kelly said...

Well, this is a lesson for ME then - I haven't put any pictures on cd yet. We've just started with our camera, so now is the time to start with the CD's too, I guess! Sorry it happened to you, though. It could be worse, but still - 2 months is a lot of pictures! :(

Jessi said...

good choice kelly.....my advice would also be to burn a couple CD's because I've also encountered faulty burned CD's where I've lost some as well!!!