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Friday, January 27

I'm Volunteering! (if I don't get lost on the way there...)

I met with the Volunteer Co-Ordinator today and after a few needles, checkups and orientations I'll be volunteering at the hospital!! I got my picture taken for my card and everything today -- now I just have to go in for the TB test and make sure all my Immunizations are up to date.

Very exciting!!

I'm especially excited for the orientation, seeing as I got lost 4 times on my way around the hospital today. One guy saw me looking for the I.D. Card place, said I looked extremely lost, and then helped me to the room. When the Photo person wasn't there he took me to a few other rooms where she 'might' be found, then had her paged and eventually dragged me all the way through the back offices to find her! Wow, if only everyone were that helpful!!

I'll be sure to post a picture in my Volunteer get up!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Hon!!!
Ma and Pa

Hilsy said...

YEAH!! i am so excited for you!!...maybe next year we'll both be there!! *wink wink!
lol...and by then you can show me around! :)
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

way to go Jess! i did the same thing a while back, it was fun. which hospital are you at or both? make sure you say hey to dan if you're at the russell st. site, he's on 4NCC. good luck!

Jessi said...

ang, i'm on 4east (i think) at the Russell site. judging by the 4 i'm assuming we'll be in close proximity....maybe i'll see him! i start sometime at the end of february.
tell him to watch for me -- i'll be the one walking around aimlessly -lost!!

Anonymous said...

4east is at the same hospital, just the "old side". Dan is on the "new side", Norman St. You might see him on occasion. I'll let him know to look for you.