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Friday, January 13

Quick Trip

Hillary and I were able to make it for Karl's funeral and give Josh a few extra hugs and kisses. (Which I KNOW he loves!!! Right Honey??? ;)

It was a hard time, a time for everyone to think, and a time to be thankful for the people in our lives. My little brother is a pretty awesome guy - and I admire the way he spoke of Karl, and the respect he gives his friend. I can't imagine the pain he is going through - but I can see his amazing group of friends that will make it through this time and shine for Karl. I can tell they will keep his spirit alive on the ice and in their hearts. We were able to have some good laughs in the middle of the sadness - which is all a part of keeping Karl's memory.
I love you Josh.

Me and my little Bro

Hugs are the best

Hilsy and Josh "wrestling" but always time for hugs

Josh and Keenan playing hard :)

The Ice (we missed it for traveling - whew!!)

....but had to walk up Grandma's driveway so we didn't get stuck on the icy hill!!

Me and Grandma

Bobbi, Rich and Dakota

Rich's Hat....

Me making fun of Rich's hat :) Posted by Picasa

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