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Wednesday, February 8

Apparently 2x10 is 20 -- not 200 as previously believed....oh, and the earth is round too!!

95% on another math test - sounds great, unless you saw the mistakes I made. The test was on fractions....so both my mistakes were about 6 lines down in solving the equation. In one of them I re-wrote 7 7/8 as 7 1/8...and then finished the equation. Obviously finishing with the wrong answer. And, as the title suggests, my second mistake was a "my-brain-is-fried-this-far-in-the-equation and I think 2x10 is really 200....."

Maybe my TB test and Tetanus shot went to my brain yesterday....which, by the way, was very painful. I couldn't turn my head to the right at all, and my whole arm ached. Those things scare the living bejeebies out of me.

We showed our house again today -- we've had about 5 showings this far. It's great and exciting but it just sucks when I have to keep my house spotless and then try to tidy and scrub as quick as possible when they call and say they'll be here in an hour. Yes, I am one of 'those' people that don't make my bed....aaah!!!!! I know, the horror of it all.


Hilsy said...

lol..thats awesome!! :)
don't worry we all have those moments!
Tim looks great in the swimming pics! what a cutie!! :)
Miss you guys!!

Jen Lenhart said...

Jess, those needles/shots are from the devil!!! We have to get them every year for work, and I usually try to arrange them at a time when I'm working lots, so I can call in sick....haha. (don't tell my boss) You have to go to my blog and see the pic of Hillary at our party last night....QUITE amusing! :)

Hilsy said...

hmmm..thanks! here i am writing a sweet comment on your xanga, Jennifer, and then i come across this msg of you laughing at my mug shot! oh just you wait my dear i have pics of you too!! ;) (mwaahaahaa!)
heehee!...actually i really shouldn't say anything...it is a pretty funny pic! oh the joys of giving the camera to someone else!
jessi are you feeling better??
love you girls!