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Monday, February 13

I think I see a wrinkle....

I'm officially 26 today. Is it just me or does any age past 25 just seem so OLD!? I always remember thinking of this age and thinking grey hair and wrinkles. It's funny; I'm still using a teenage facewash and an anti-aging face cream.

I think I'm confused.

Tim's teacher (who is turning 30 this year) summed it up quite well today. I said "I don't feel that old - but I'm looking for a new wrinkle cream if you know of any."

And she replied with a sparkle in her eye and said "I know I don't feel my age but it always gets me when I look in the mirror and think 'I actually look like a WOMAN now!"

I guess we are all little girls at heart.

I received many thoughtful emails, gifts, little gestures of love and even a loving sisterly ode on Hilsy's blog -- I appreciate all the amazing people in my life so much. My friend Sandra is taking me out for a yummy kid free meal tonight, and I am stuffing myself full of pasta and wine and not working out for even a second today!!! SO there!

xo J


Hilsy said...

lol...have fun!! :) you deserve a good night out babe!]

Jen Lenhart said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! Don't worry, life only gets better with age! (although ask me that after I turn 30 next year...haha) Uh-oh, there goes MY hip again. lol
Hope it's a great day!

the salmon said...

happy birthday! you were born on the day we thought we wanted diedre to be born on (so she'd be feb 13, derek is march 13, and i'm april 13) but she decided to come 13 days later...only 13 days to go til my baby is ONE!!!

i loved 26, it was a great year. enjoy it!


Jake said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Hon...I saw a beautiful lady today...she didn't look 83...but she claims that is her age. She had laugh wrinkles and beautiful skin...says she used Oil of Olay. You really don't have to worry about wrinkles yet...come on!!!
But if you are going to fret about it the best thing to do is laugh a lot and use moisturisers...you are already doing the right stuff!!

kelly said...

Happy Birthday! 23 was my favorite year, but 24, 25, and up until this point of 26, it's been really great too! Wrinkles/lines tell stories. I'm not necessarily looking forward to them, but i don't have any plans to get rid of them. :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! I think that 25 & 26 were great years, 27 even better and I'll let you know about 28. And as for wrinkles, there are much worse things in life, just remember that! I think you're beautiful!

Jenni said...

Jess, Jess, Jess... wrinkles?? My god, I am surprised that you don't have them already being with Garnet. I just think you are beautiful. happy belated.
Love Jenni