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Wednesday, February 1

Tired...but surviving.

90% on my first test, 100% on my second!!! Why was I worried about this whole math thing anyway?? So far, a breeze - but I've been warned that it gets harder.
(and yes, Hilsy....I remembered how to do division ;)

And this is Tim waiting for snow so he can use his brand new GT.....poor kid, stupid global warming!
(you'll also notice he's into picking out his own clothes lately - good thing we have "weekend clothes" {which this selection is from} and "good clothes"{which are a little safer on the eyes}.....)


Hilsy said...

I still think he's the handsome-ist!! :)
Excellent job on the tests Jessi!! :) you are going to do fine!!... just watch out for who you hang out with (ie.no crazy boys that 'fall' for your pen!?)
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

awesome Jess! see, knew you could do it! oh, and you should she Alicia when she dresses!!

kelly said...

WOW! that's awesome! math has NEVER been my strong point, so i admire those who do well! way to go!
ps. i'm sure that if it weren't for my husband, i'd be the adult equivalent of tim, in terms of getting dressed. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but he looks cute!

Anonymous said...

Well Hon...we knew you could do it...you are gifted! We have lot's of snow up here!! When are you coming? Glad to see you are giving Tim a choice in "non-life threatening" clothes....brings back memories!! :)
xoxo Mom and dad

Jen Lenhart said...

Hey Jess,
It wouldn't let me post a comment on your salad dressing post, so I'll leave one here. That's hilarious about Tim and the dressing! haha Kids are great! Where do they come up with this stuff? :) How's life as a student? Great job on the tests!
Jen Lenhart

Anonymous said...

yah, i couldn't leave a comment yesterday either about your salad dressing and not it is gone completely? i'm confused, anyways, here's some snow tim, go out and enjoy!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i meant "now it's gone completely" not "not", sorry!

Jessi said...

sorry -- blogger was having some problems yesterday and i guess it got hungry and decided to eat my salad post....i'll repost it