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Tuesday, March 14

A New Thing

I don't see training wheels do you???


Not so much 'giving up' -- just enough for today.

The storm was coming Posted by Picasa

We decided it was time to try Tim without training wheels.....it was a trying afternoon for all of us. We are trying to teach Tim that it's ok if you're not great at everything - but it's not ok to just give up. Something hard for us all to learn....


Anonymous said...

Jessi...do you remember when you tried biking? You threw the bike down and didn't get back on for a year! Memories!Tim...you look like you are trying so hard...hope you are having fun learning!I'm real proud of you Tim! xoxo Gramma Vicki
The weather looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

and the storm picture is amazing too!!

Hilsy said...

Tim, you can do it buddy! keep trying hard! how about in august when i am in Sarnia (!!i really hope anyway!!) we'll go for all kinds of bike rides!! don't give up Monkey!!
Love you a lot and a lot!!
Give your mom a big hug for me!
Love and hugs!!

Jessi said...

i do remember that mom....i guess i am a little stubborn, huh? i also remember painting a picture at school about how i had learned to ride my bike (when i really hadn't) so then i figured i'd better hurry up and learn before i brought the picture home and you caught me lying.
i must have been an interesting child....one of them special ones :)

Anonymous said...

very special...I love you!xo

Anonymous said...

good job tim!!
alicia learned this past summer on canada day. she really wanted to do it before that but was having trouble and killing daddy's back! we were camping and had a HUGE grass section next to us so we thought we'd try there. sure enough it was actually easier for her! (so were the falls) i thought it would be harder, but in a couple tries she had it! and once they do, they're gone! try a field somewhere, just a suggestion for daddy's back! who knows, it might actually work!