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Saturday, March 11

Tim's New Trend

Some serious game cubin' going on!

So cute....like he's trying or something:)

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These are some silly glasses that we got in a clown dress-up kit.... Tim has decided they are his new thing as of the last few days. He wore them to the School Skate Day and even to school that same day. He loves seeing the reactions and has some silly face and pose whenever someone comments on the cute silliness. Garnet is embarrassed by the whole issue - I say the bigger deal we make out of it the more he'll want to wear them in public.....it'll faze out soon enough.

One thing is for sure; he didn't inherit a single ounce of my shyness!!!!


Hilsy said...

absolutly hilarious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell tim I think he looks like Arthur...he's adorable!!(or do you think that would encourage him?)
Gramma Vicki xoxoxo

wv: ulovnoo
you lovin'who?
I'm luvin you!

Anonymous said...

aww so cute... he looks very smart with glasses
love arandma anne