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Saturday, April 15

More yard work....we love it!

First time cutting the lawn (our neighbours think we are a little crazy -- but a lawn is a novelty when you've never had one :)

Future garden!! (....work with me here people let your imaginations run wild;) Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

So much fun!!That corner is just begging for plants!!
Tim ...you look mahvelous, Dahling, in your new clothes....
xoxo Gramma Vicki

vicki said...

Is that the corner where Ang's rocks were? Ang ..I sure hope you got them, because Garnet was very patient to wait as long as he did!

Anonymous said...

actually i started to freak out when i saw that the corner was empty. jess says she still has them, i'm going to get them tomorrow and rescue her from the drama of it all!!!

Jessi said...

don't worry girls, the rocks are safe - i've had to throw myself between them and garnet a few times but they are still here (we just moved them from the corner)