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Tuesday, April 11

Update for Dad

My Dad says that he misses reading my blog when I slack off -- so this one is for him :)

We have been extremely busy with all the house stuff -- still trying to get settled in. We just found out that Hillary got her placement in Sarnia so she will be living with us in August!!!!!! YAY!!!! Mom hopes that we don't start hating eachother - and that we can still love eachother after living together for 8 months. I'll have to remind her that we did survive living together for 14 years -- and only wanted to kill eachother for a few of those. 8 months should be a breeze!! (although there will be a few minor adjustments which we've already talked about, right Hill;)

This is Hillary's room (as of now)....so it looks like we have some serious painting to do!!!

Other than that we are doing a few other little minor adjustments and wishing that we could just change everything that we want to RIGHT NOW. It's so hard to wait....but there is a lot to do.
The house aside -- I LOVE where we live. The street is so quiet and we are in a block that is contained between 3 busy streets and the Highway 402.(the only people that drive here are the ones that live here!) So we have been going for bikerides and walks everyday (sometimes twice a day!) And because the streets are so quiet Tim can ride in the road and all over the place. He is loving tyhe freedom (and sleeping VERY well I might add!)

So there you have it, Dad. A post just for you to read xoxox


vicki said...

Minor adjustments...let me guess: Hillary can't sleep in so much!
And the room ..please adjust the PAINT!!

vicki said...

thanks honey - i love you too
love dad xoxo

Jessi said...

what's the matter with the paint mom?? i'm SURE hillary's a Star Wars FANATIC underneath that whole normal exterior she puts on ;)

Michelle said...

um, ya, that paint job is "interesting"! do you think they just randomly spray painted black and silver? were they trying to match the curtains or something?

hey, is it on the ceiling too??! what is the new colour gonna be? anything would be an improvement!

Jessi said...

the guy was a huge star wars fan i guess....you know, one of "those"

and yes, it is on the ceiling too.....fun times ahead!!

i think we'll let hillary choos ethe colour.

Anonymous said...

multiple coats of primer comes to mind!! glad it's you and not me, although you know i'd help if you ask. i LOVE to paint!! there's nothing left to paint in my house. i've debated about changing colors just to keep painting but for some reason my husband won't let me? :)

Jessi said...

any willing participants are welcome ang!! i'll call you when it's all going down :)

(p.s. your rocks are burning a hole in garnet's vision of a beautful manicured yard....i'll be tying myself to them soon just to save them for you :)

vicki said...

Yes...SAVE THOSE ROCKS!Ang...glad to know there are other rock-nuts like me!

Anonymous said...

vicki, rocks are nature at it's finest! i've always wanted a rock garden and a pond and my husband is finally helping me get around to it. i was so excited to see those rocks in jess's backyard!! they are so hard to come by when you want them and very expensive to buy!!