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Tuesday, April 4

WE ARE HERE......zzzzzzz

The move went well -- we finally got cable today -- and our un-dented stove arrives tomorrow. I am sitting....and it feels really nice!

I will post more details later --- and yes, pictures too mom :)

We had a lot of help (thanks Ang :) and can't wait until we are really settled so that we can have friends over to enjoy our new place. It has been insane;
- cleaning the disgusting mess and junk that she left behind
- ripping out bedroom and hallway carpet....discovering beautiful hardwood underneath!!!!
- realizing that our queen box spring will not fit up the stairs.
- replacing all the light fixtures, light switches and receptacles.
- unpacking boxes, finding room, trying to settle in......

.....trying to make it feel like home :)

more to come tomorrow, good night.


Hilsy said...

Cannot wait to see it!! :)
miss you hon!

vicki said...

Hey Hon...you know I'm waiting patiently for pictures!
...and hilsy is burning the midnight oil again...