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Thursday, May 11

And I didn't even pay him!!

One of Tim's projects at school right now is to plan a meal. He has to write out the grocery list, go shopping for all the ingredients, prepare the meal and then write a summary of how it all went. (I know what you're thinking; "Since when was senior kindergarten on the same curriculum as my grade 7 Home Ec class....?")

So because we are all excited, we were chatting about it today and Tim told us how Miss Wilson had asked the class who does the cooking in their home.

Tim, apparently, was more than eager to share a common argument around here;
"My Mom does all the cooking and my Dad looooves being lazy. He's always like 'Oooh when is Jess getting home to make supper, cause I'm ssooo lazy'."

Apparently, we need to work on when we argue, and how many little ears are listening....(and of course Garnet needs to work on his culinary skills too ;)


vicki said...

Tim doesn't miss a bit!!What a cutie! Just stock pb&j for when Garnet gets hungry!!

Michelle said...

that's so funny. my kids think that daddy just isn't *allowed* to cook at our house LOL. he certainly is!!! i would love it if he were to cook more, but i'm just the one who is around enough to do it :)