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Thursday, May 4

The neighbour asked me today if he ever sleeps, and how in the world I live with him.....

to which my response was; "No.....and I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!"

Garnet had the idea this morning to cut down a branch that was blocking the sun from where we are going to put the pool. After 2 outrageous quotes from the tree services he decided to do it himself. When I asked if it HAD to be done like RIGHT NOW.....he responded (and I quote) "If we are putting up the pool in the end of May that means I only have 27 days left."

Me; Blank Stare

Husband; "Well, it's true."

Me; "Yes, you are right honey, it is true.....27 days....wow! it should have been done yesterday."

Husband who does not have the word patience in his vocabulary whatsoever; "I'm going to rent a chainsaw."

He's at it again!!

Goodbye Branch, Hello Sun!

Big Helper

He was worried because the tree was 'bleeding'

The reason the Emergency Room in Sarnia is still in business....men and chainsaws.

The gloves were a good idea after a few slivers and a good chunk out of his hand

Dad chopped the tree RIGHT HERE!

Wow....I'm up high!

Garnet said he wanted it documented that I was wearing a skirt - raking like a real former farm girl ;) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

"adult a.d.d." comes to mind!! just kidding, you guys are doing an amazing job with your new place, i can't wait to come over and see all the progress! you know those bike rides you have been going on? feel free to come on the other side of the highway and see us eh!! alicia would love to play basketball with tim or ride bikes! dan is off this weekend, stop by if you want!

Jessi said...

oh, you know him well ang ;)

a visit sounds good, i'm still nervous about Tim going on any big streets -- so understandably we haven't been over the highway (or even out onto exmouth yet!)....we'll be by sometime saturday

vicki said...

Just like the old days, eh Hon...'piling wood'...but you didn't usually wear a pretty skirt to do it...???When is the woodstove going in...only 5 months 'til frost...
xoxo see you soon!

Jessi said...

yeah, good times mom...good times. :b

obviously i didn't intend on wearing a skirt to do it -- but garnet needed my help as soon as i got home and wanted to drop the wood off at the compost site before they closed. i was only raking though -- the boys took care of the piling. and a no thank you on the wood stove...i like to press a buttona dn wow! instant heat!

the salmon said...

you sure are going to have a fun backyard! you look great jess!