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Wednesday, May 10

Which Jessica?

I don't know why, but I had a heck of a time trying to change my student loans to put it under my married name. I've sent away all the papers, photocopied driver's license and even called a few times. I finally gave up trying and just decided that I would be 19-year-old Jessica to the bank forever. Yesterday when I was paying my loan payment I decided to change my address while I was there as well. When she saw that my last names didn't match - she explained that I really should change my name on everything as soon as possible after my marriage. I explained that I was coming up on my 6th year anniversary and that for some reason it was too difficult for any of the people to change it. The helpful banker said she would work it all out for me. She just called me this morning and explained how easy it was and that it was all changed for me. Sometimes it just takes 1 nice person.....

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Michelle said...

i changed my name on everything but my health card.. yikes, gotta get that done!