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Thursday, May 25

Yes....all information in this post is %100 true.

Garnet plotted out the yard - decided where the pool would go -- and then vacuumed the wood chips off the lawn. I tried to think of a way that made that sound normal -- but really, how is that possible? And by vacuuming the lawn I really, truly mean he brought out the shop vac and went to town. Behind my blank stare of disbelief I thought "Yep, this one definitely secures our position as the town crazies....."

And once the lawn was free of all debris and resembled a limegreen shag carpet right out of the 70's --- we could assemble the pool!!! (while I thought of how boring my life would be if I had married a normal man :)

Pool Time!!

Big helper

....and very helpful to have a little helper too!!

Weeeeeee.......we filled up our yard pretty fast! Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

Well..a picture of the vacuuming would have been great...but really we have no problem believing you....nothing surprises us any more...looks like fun!!

Michelle said...

looks like you are going to be all ready for summer! that pool will certainly help with all the hot weather we get down here huh!

Jessi said...

yeah it was awesome the last 2 years michelle -- and we are going it without central air this year so i'm sure it will save our sanity this summer!!!

mom, i was too stunned to even grab the camera!!! (i thought of it after as well)

Anonymous said...

a word of advice, not that you want my thoughts. i was reading the newsletter from the city and did you know that you have to have a permit to have a "pool" that is over 24 inches in height? whoever heard of such a thing? 24 inches is a normal wading pool for goodness sakes!! keep you gate locked and keep your crazy husband (i say that with much love!) under wraps so that you don't attract attention to yourself. (i know that's hard Garnet!!) :) maybe no one will bother you with it. just thought i'd let you know since you're in a new neighbourhood.

Jessi said...

yeah we already know about the permit - it's not that expensive if they bug us about it.

Anonymous said...

good, i was stressing that maybe it was something expensive and that sometimes new neighbours can be annoying about such things. hope i didn't offend you or anything, just wanted you to know i care!! :) Enjoy!

Jessi said...

wasn't offended at all ang - so far the neighbours are more interested in when they get an invite to join us in it than the permit ;)