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Monday, June 12

30 Years!!!!

Happy Anniversary Anne and Gary!!!Posted by Picasa

You have shown us how to love, laugh and enjoy a marriage. You've shown us how to bite our tongues and smile when we want to scream.....and you've shown us that marriage is a friendship that goes beyond lifes trials and struggles and pulls you through in the end.
Thank you for showing us that the sparkle can still be there in your eye when you look at eachother, that the laughter can heal wounds and love can withstand the strong storms.
Thank you for showing us love......here's to 30 more!!!


Hilsy said...

How precious!! congratulations!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica, Thank you for your beautiful words. Gary and I love you Garnet and sweet Tim very much. Gary and I wish everybody can find someone to love and laugh with for a long time. LIVE LOVE LAUGH..... The most important is laugh because if we did't laugh we would cry alot. HUGS and KISSES Anne