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Friday, June 2

Quick thinking 5 year old - still outsmarted by his Mom.

Tim, being the curious and inquisitive child that he is, is always captivated by how things work. Yes, it is usually fans and other miscellaneous things that spin -- but now he's starting to spread his fascinations....one of those being the car.

In one of our routine conversations upon entering the car he asked if he could start the car. Obviously the usual answer of "No" just wasn't doing it for him the million times before - so I decided to get creative. We usually use his age as a deterrent;

"Why do I have to wear a coat and Dad doesn't?"

"Honey, when you're 25 you can go outside naked if you want....today you are 5 and you will wear a coat."

So, today I decided to remind him again that he was only 5.

"Mom, can I puhleeeeease start the car?"



"How old are you?"

I could see the thinking wheels turning, and a light bulb go on. The begging look slowly turned into a taunting stare as he took a breath and put his hands on his hips, daring me to argue;


"Gee, that's too bad - you can't drive until you're sixteen."


vicki said...

Classic Tim!! What a smarty!!

vicki said...

BTW...you'll have to be one step ahead for awhile...but it might not always work...