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Wednesday, June 14

Stupidity out of Guilt

So, I've noticed that I have a habit of sharing the crazy (note; stupid) things that Garnet does and some of you (who don't know him of course) may think that I pick on him a little. I figured it's only fair that I take a turn with the "What the hell were you thinking???" chair for a minute.
A few weeks ago I was invited to a Pampered Chef party at my neighbours (yes, the one that planted my garden for me). Unfortunately, it was the night that my Dad and Brother came by for a visit (which doesn't happen very often what with them living 6 hours away and all...)
I forgot to tell her and ended up cancelling on her last minute -- I felt horrible about it but she gladly gave me a Pampered Chef magazine to flip through and pick anything out. About a week went by (and I still had barely looked at it) when she politely asked if I had a chance browse and that she needed it back in a few days to send in her order.

I made a mental note -- but of course, I forgot.

A few days later she came by my house to get the magazine back and hopefully collect her order. I was flustered that I had kept forgetting and out of guilt thought I should definitely buy something for being so stupid with it.

I looked everywhere for the magazine -- and could not find it anywhere....Garnet had cleaned the house (and of course by "cleaning the house" you know I mean "storm around and fill as many garbage bags as he can"......) and had thrown it away. She is standing in my doorway waiting - I'm feeling sillier by the minute.

Now, I felt so guilty I had to buy something.

"Oh, that's alright...." she says trying to brush it off; "Did you see anything you would like?"

I'm racking my brain trying to remember anything that I saw under $100 (which is rare)

"Actually, there were these plates that I thought would be neat for camping.... you know the ones that hold the cup on the side?"

She knew exactly the ones I was talking about.....

....The plates, plus tax, plus the shipping fee....plus, plus, plus......

Golden plates

The golden name Posted by Picasa

I paid $25.00 for dollar store quality plates.....

Now, if anyone knows of one; I'm looking for a china cabinet to display them in for our camping trips.

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Anonymous said...

yah, you'd better get them under lock and key before your husband mistakes them for dollar store plates and hikes them out to the curb. then you'd really be pissed!!