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Thursday, June 15

Sun loving sausage thumb

Tim loves band-aids - just like I used to. I was just showing him pictures the other day of how I used to try to cover up my freckles. In any given picture I'd have 10 bandaids on my arms and legs covering my "Beauty Marks"as my Dad called them.

Yes, I thought I was cool.

Today I went to the doctor for a spot on my thumb. It appeared out of nowhere and spread over most of my thumb about 2 weeks ago. It was brown and ugly and when I hit it the other day at work it split open too easily and hurt like hell - so I wanted to get it checked.

He gave me some cream and is not overly worried about it right now - but wants me to keep a close eye on any changes in the next week or so. Then he looked up at the rest of my body and said "I hope you love your sunscreen..."

In my head I've known that I'm at increased risk -- but my heart loves a good tan.
I sound like I'm getting old..... but I think I might crack open the bottle of Sunscreen this year...this little scare reminded me that I have too many important things in my life and a golden glow isn't worth putting my health on the backburner.
....and bandaids just don't cut it any more.

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Anonymous said...

Believe me Jess it isn.t worth the problems that sun rays give you. I always call my lily white skin alabaster, sounds so much more romantic. I also think you are just starting to show your true beauty. Being a wife a mother and a true friend shows your inside beauty to the outside. Your grace and lovliness shines through and that is so much better than a tan any day. Love you pale face and take care....HUGS and KISSES Anne